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During the developing period of the company, IGC never stops pushing its efforts to accomplish the targets thanks to the collaboration of the highly-qualified workforce. Therefore, recruitment policy plays a very important role.

Recruitment Policy


1. Recruitment process

- Based on the needs and the number of applicants for every department which is approved by the company, every particular department has responsibility of human resources to collect the needs and sets a human resources plan to follow, manage and collaborate with the other departments to hire employees for the company.

- Each department has human resources responsibilities and need to follow recruitment criteria to provide announcements, research and filter applicant profiles.

- Each department prepares the interview schedule and invites applicants to interview.

- Human resources department communicates with applicants about the benefits and starting time, completion of documents and give it to the Department which will approve if the applicant meets all requirements

- The department in charge considers requirements to approve applicant documents.

2. Recruitment procedures

Follow the public procedures to guarantee the fairness and create many chances for every applicant

3. Applicants

Based on recruitment demands in every period, in every position, and the priority is:

- Applicants who graduated from University or post- graduation in Vietnam or abroad.

- Applicants who have relevant majors, skills, abilities and experience which meet the recruitment requirements of the company and especially show passion in what they’ve chosen

Training policy


To consider the development of each staff is the main role of each department, IGC always creates a professional working environment with a focus on upgrading specialist knowledge throughout the training policy.

1. Training procedure

- Training programs are regularly created (short term / long term) in order to improve the human resources which become the main key of the company’s development.

- All of the staff have a chance to take part in courses/ training programs of the company if they show aspiration which will be approved by the department in charge

- The quality and effect is always the priority of guaranteeing the professionalism of the workforce so they can meet all requirements of every department.

2. Training program

Based on the operating demand of the company in every period, the company will take part in some or all of the following programs below:

- Employee orientation: Is set up to introduce information of the company; to do the presentation and instruction about the necessary issues for new staff at the induction of the company.

- Professional knowledge training program: provides necessary knowledge and skills related to their job.

- Managing skill training program: improves manageable knowledge and develop leading skills for leaders, managers.

- Soft skills training program: improves knowledge and develop soft skills for staff in order to increase the efficiency of their jobs.

- Developing and inheriting training program: combines many different training contents with developing purposes for potential individuals who have outstanding competence to become a middle manager or a high manager in the future.

Services and benefits policy


Taking care of physical needs and emotional well-being of the staff is one of the IGC’s missions. By investigating human resources, TTC will invest and improve a stable foundation for development. IGC guarantees staff’s benefits which are followed by the Vietnamese Labor Law and creates many advantages to stimulate their abilities. With the emphasis on full dedication and inspiration to strive for common development of the company.

- Workforce planning and training;

- Activities creation to train and upgrading professional knowledge, skills and abilities throughout training courses, workshops for employees.

- Salary, periodical bonuses or sudden bonuses for achievements, ideas that create effectiveness in their job and company’s business; holidays on international days and 13th month pay.

- Health insurance provision and accident insurance.

- Emergency events assistance.

- Lunch provision;

- Periodical health check

- Yearly travelling trips…