Committed to providing a high quality and distinct education system, IGC has invested generously in facilities and equipments to support teachers and students entire system.

The kindergartens are equipped with modern and comfortale equipments, ensuring the safety of children.
- Classrooms: with fun designs, comfortable facilities, help children learn and play with passion.
- Rooms for gifted development (music, painting): equipped with necessary instruments to teach children in the most visually lively way so children can practice right in the classroom; painting classrooms are equipped with brushes, paper, colors etc. so that children can express their passion freely.
- Kidsmart classroom: equipped with modern computers; tables and chairs are designed to fit children and colored appropriately with their age. At kindergartens, the children can start to familiarize with information technology and show their creativity with kidsmart games.
- Day-boarding rooms: nicely and neatly decorated to help children sleep more soundly during nap time.
- Playground: slides, swings, electric cars, seesaws etc. are equipped to meet playing needs of children. In particular, all kindergartens under the IGC system have clean swimming pools with safety fence.

Primary - Middle - High school:

With the motto of creating a friendly and modern education environment which help students feel at home, IGC has invested in adequate facilities to meet the teach - learn - play needs of all teachers and students.
- Classrooms: spacious and with air-conditioned, creating a convenient and comfortable learning space.
- Labs: used for subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and IT. The rooms are equipped with sufficient learning instruments and experiment equipment to ensure that students can learn and practice effectively.
- Day-boarding rooms: spacious, modern, friendly, making the students feel at home.
- Libraries: with physical copies of thousands of textbooks, reference books and newspapers; electronic library is equipped with a modern computer system to help students look up information easily. In addition, each classroom has a bookshelf to meet the in-class reading needs of students.
- Playground: is equipped with a swimming pool, multi-purpose gymnasium with volleyball ground, badminton course, basketball, Taekwondo ground, mini football field with artificial grass, tennis course etc. meeting standards, encourage children to play sports to improve their health.

College - University:

Colleges and universities under IGC’s education system have modern facilities with different fields of training.
- Lecture-rooms, classrooms: spacious, ensuring that students can concentrate on studying.
- Library: Equipped with thousands of reference books, specialized books, theses, journals, newspapers to meet the reference need of students. In addition, the electronic library is equipped with modern computers, helping students to look for information in the quickest way possible.
- Dormitories: up to standards, well-equipped, able to meet the accommodation needs of students. In particular, the Sonadezi College Of Technology & Management has a villa block for Vietnamese and overseas lecturers and experts.
- Canteen: spacious, provide delicious meals with reasonable price to students. Meeting the food hygiene and safety standards.
- Functional/practice areas: equipped with modern facilities, meeting the on-site practice needs of students from different majors.

  • Practice workshop with an area of 1,500 sq.m. equipped with modern equipments for footwear and garment sectors.
  • HiClass V multimedia computer lab help students learn both foreign languages and other subjects.
  • Training area for hotel-restaurant sector: with the facilities comparable to large hotels, restaurants.
  • Laboratories for Biology - Environment Faculty: equipped with some of the most modern experiment instruments in Vietnam.
  • Room for nursing practice with suitable medical tools to help students practice effectively.